The global gaze.

How does the "first world" view the rest of the globe? Apparently not much at all. Vanishing Point is a database-driven map system that translates top news stories in key papers in G7 countries into a visibility map—the most visible get the most news coverage. "The goal of this project is to decipher the world that news media reconfigures and to observe if media coverage, or lack thereof, is creating a new cartography."

(Via Information Aesthetics.)


Anonymous said...

It might be neat to post a copy of the Peters Projection Map ( I think that is the right name) showing the actual relative size of the continental land masses, and compare it to this one.


Paul Schmelzer said...

Hey Dad,
That actually is a Peter's Projection Map:

"The world projection used on Vanishing Point is the Peter's Projection map. This is an equal area map, which means that it shows each country, continent, and water mass according to their actual size, thus enabling accurate comparisons among countries."