What the world needs now...

An antidote to terror and other unpleasantries, reported on by the Star Tribune:
Jennifer Crutcher was driving through Wisconsin on her way from Cincinnati to Minneapolis when she found out about the terrorist bombings in London. She looked up and found solace in an unlikely icon stuck to her rearview mirror:

A My Little Pony magnet.

"It's just a peaceful feeling you get when you see them," said Crutcher, sitting at a table in the University of Minnesota's Coffman Union early this month for the annual My Little Pony convention. "The people who collect them just do it because they are sweet. There is no ulterior motive behind My Little Pony. This is really about community more than anything."

It would have been hard to find a less cynical, more sincere place in America than that day, when perhaps 100 members of "the pony community" gathered to talk about a small plastic toy....
(Thanks, Adrienne.)


Trina dragonpony said...

I've always thought My Little Ponies were far more suggestive than Barbie. With their coyly tilted heads, their slightly parted lips, and oversized, heavily lashed eyes. As far as toys go, these little pony sex symbols are sending a pretty powerful message to little people, especially girls, about how to act- Quiet, shy, coy, agreeable, soft.

Paul Schmelzer said...

Yeah, a coworker says her mom banned MLP from her home. When I asked why, she answered, "Mom was a good feminist."

bonnie-marie said...

hi, dragonpony, i hope u dont mind but i would like to quote that particular comment in my essay on my little pony and children's media - if this is a problem please email me @