In the spirit of SeeHere and Horkulated—and because I'm just that tired—I'm posting, almost sans comment, a few images that caught my eye today:

A U.S. Army C-23 Sherpa aircraft flies over a ziggurat located in the town of Ur, 227 miles south of Baghdad.

Bush hasn't attended funerals for any of the nearly 1,800 US military men and women killed in Iraq (including that of Lt. Fred Pokorney Jr., shown here), but he did agree to attend services for four Boy Scout leaders killed at a Jamboree—although heat eventually cancelled that event.

A billboard paid for by retired Ann Arbor orthopedic surgeon Larry Johnson.

Public art by Sayed Alavi.

And if you're not the visual type, a great mp3 download—Fela Kuti and the Future Sound of London—via Norwegianity.

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