Distribution of casualties: The Palm Beach Post is mapping the home states of military deaths in Iraq. Visit the paper's site to click on dots, representing the 1,748 soldiers killed in Iraq, to learn their names, towns, and details of their deaths.

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Honorin' the dead: Cindy Sheehan, whose 24-year old son Casey died in combat in Iraq, met privately with George W. Bush in June 2004. In a new interview, she says the meeting amplified her anguish. Bush kept forgetting her son's name and called her "Ma" and "Mom," in what she calls a "phony act." She says, "His mouth kept moving, but there was nothing in his eyes or anything else about him that showed me he really cared or had any real compassion at all. This is a human being totally disconnected from humanity and reality. His eyes were empty, hollow shells and he was acting like I should be proud to just be in his presence when it was my son who died for his illegal war! It was one of the most disgusting experiences I ever had and it took me almost a year to even talk about it." From the moment Bush entered the room, Sheehan had a sour taste in her mouth: rather than a hug or handshake, Bush, "in a condescending tone and with a disgusting loud Texas accent," said, 'Who we’all honorin’ here today?'"

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