TC Art: Horochowski and Gaard

mnartists.org, a 5,000-member community of Minnesota artists, features a frank conversation between Twin Cities artists Frank Gaard (who'll be featured in the next issue of Adbusters with this work, Swan: John Kerry's Coat of Arms) and Argentina-born Alexa Horochowski. From the Whitney Biennial to the reprentation of the male member, the conversation offers glimpses into two very curious minds. More samples of their work here; see Frank's comics here.

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Anonymous said...

Boy that Frankie sure can draw water fowl. I'll bet he could paint ducks too. I think wildlife is the best subject for art painting next best is nude women urinating . Geez actually I think wimmin urinating is the best subject for art and then water fowl. Or maybe dicks . I love to see a well drawn dick, don't u? Some people like flying ducks but I like dead ducks as you can eat 'em. Nothing like duck done Chinese style . I wonder how swan tastes? Manny Bag