Today in numbers:

"George W. Bush's approval rating is now a full twenty points lower than Bill Clinton's was on the day he was impeached."


Anonymous said...

This is a great stat, but do you have any hard numbers to back it up? I've tried following the trail from your website and have found nothing as yet.


Paul Schmelzer said...

Good point, Alden. Here's where Newsfromme (one of the pages I pulled the original link from) sources it:

In fact, I said Bush's approval rating was 20 points lower than Clinton's was on the day he was impeached. It could actually be said to be more like 25. Bush's current approval rating is at 48% according to both the ABC News/Washington Post Poll and the CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll. Some polls, as you can see on this page, have him even lower.

As you can see here, right after Bill Clinton was impeached, his approval rating was at 73% in the CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll. (There were other polls that had it more like 68%, which is where the 20 point gap comes from.)

By the way: I don't think approval polls tell the whole story, especially at only one moment in time. There were certainly points where Clinton's ratings were lower than 68% and Bush's have been higher than they are now, and may well go up again. I don't think though that Clinton ever got below around 55% in the major polls. Here's a rundown of Clinton approval numbers.