Strib under attack: As a Minneapolitan, I'm often less than thrilled by the Star Tribune: they only seem to cover my neighborhood, the northside, when somebody gets shot; their "media critic" Neal Justin is the dimmest of bulbs; and their hiring of a new rightwing columnist "with no reporting experience" is mighty questionable. But their editorial page has been spot-on of late. Which is a problem for Hugh Hewitt and his allies at the locally produced wingnut blog Powerline: they've launched a campaign to get Strib subscribers to cancel in protest of editorials taking Bush to task for WMDs or defending Dick Durbin. If you can, subscribe to the paper, then email publisher J. Keith Moyer (http://www.startribune.com/subscribe) or write a letter to the editor applauding it for being—in the words of Liberal Oasis—"arguably the most devoted to the truth and the least afraid of the Bush White House."

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