Bunglers: Is there a leadership vacuum over the war in Iraq? Y'think?

Consider: Dick Cheney, a man who chose not to serve in Vietnam because he had "other priorities" at the time, opines that the Iraqi resistance is in its "last throes," but the top commander on the ground in Iraq says otherwise. According to General John Abizaid, the insurgency is just as strong now as it was six months ago and "There are more foreign fighters coming into Iraq than there were six months ago." Meanwhile, as Sen. Edward Kennedy calls for Defense Secretary Rumsfeld's resignation over a war he dubs an "intractable quagmire," Rumsfeld defends his own honor by stating that he'd already tried to resign twice. Can the guy not even find success at quitting his job?

Above: As Atrios suggests, maybe someone at CNN.com has a problem with Dick Cheney.

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