More on Mark of the Beast: Art.Blogging.LA follows up on the Mark of the Beast story (about the Transport Gallery show shut down by the LAPD on 4.23.05):
Brandy Flower, who curated the show, got word of the official police report from someone investigating the story at the LA Times. The report states that the event was shut down due to the “200 protesters” out in front of the gallery. This official tidbit is not only pure fiction, but also directly contradicts what was said the night of the 23rd, when their reasoning was based on the content of the show. “This is blatant bullshit,” says Mike [Russek, Transport's director] and now feels like they’ve given him free reign to pursue legal recourse if he can find the funds. He met with lawyers initially, but then had to drop them due to a lack of cash, but in the meantime several people interested in contributing to a legal fund have contacted him. “I don’t want this gallery to have a bad rap. One of the things I told the officer that night was that he has no idea how hard we try to just get people to come down here to our openings and then the cops show up and send them all away? It’s not right. Really, I just want an apology, I want the LAPD to admit that they messed up.”

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