God's "gospel lizards":
G. Thomas Sharp, head of the Creation Truth Foundation, seems to think notorious science guy Bill Nye is the biggest Christ-denier around. In videos available here, Sharp says that Nye, with his "multi-billion-dollar budget" (huh?), is deceiving children into buying into conventional thinking on dinosaurs. His problem with Nye: if dinosaurs went extinct 64 million years before humans entered the scene, what's written in Romans 5:12—that by sinning, humans brought death into the world—can't possibly be so. How could dinosaurs die out unprompted by our sin?! The stakes here are pretty high: Sharp says, "If you've got death before Adam's sin, you've destroyed the basis of the Gospel!" Sharp, who refers to dinosaur skeletons as "God's gospel lizards," sees it as another example of scientists dumbing down the bible.

(Links and image via Jesus' General.)

Armies of God: When told by her superiors that she should be angry that outside groups criticized the Air Force Academy's culture of intolerance toward non-Evangelicals, chaplain Capt. MeLinda Morton replied that she agreed with those groups. Now she's out of a job. "The evangelicals want to subvert the system," Morton, a Lutheran minister, said of a culture that includes preferential treatment for Evangelical Christians, frequent slurs against Catholics and Jews, and a lecture by another chaplain that those not born-again will "burn in the fires of hell." "They have a very clear social and political agenda. The evangelical tone is pervasive at the academy, and it's aimed at converting these young people who are under intense pressure anyway."

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