In defense of Blastocyst-Americans: Jesus' General on what's behind Sen. Alex Deccio's argument that the destruction of stem-cells through research is like the Holocaust:
It's all part of their strategy to prevent us from granting civil rights protections to Blastocyst-Americans. They want to keep our smallest citizens in a ghetto of unpersonhood as if they were merely homosexuals. We need to do something about that.

We'll need the public on our side. The best way to accomplish that is to wrap the Blastocyst-Americans in the flag. I'm speaking metaphorically here. We can't literally wrap them in the flag because it would be messy (it would cause a moral crisis--should we burn the soiled flag and thereby incinerate the innocent Blastocyst-Americans still clinging to it or should we save them and desecrate the flag). Anyway, appeals to patriotism are nearly always successful. Just look at how we used 9/11 to get the Patriot Act, torture, and the denial of habeas corpus. We can do the same for blastocyst rights.
(Via Peek.)

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