Going nuclear: If the Senate shuts down over confrontation surrounding the fillibuster of Bush's far-right judicial nominees, who's to blame? Last time the Republicans forced a government shut-down, Newt Gingrich ended up stepping down, the Contract with America shriveled up and died, and the GOP lost seats right and left.

But this time around, who knows? A few indicators: by a two-to-one margin, Americans opppose the GOP changing rules to prevent Democrats from filibustering Bush's court nominees, according to a Washington Post-ABC News poll. And with the party's fearless leader's approval ratings tanking--large majorities oppose Bush's handling of Iraq, Social Security reform, the economy, and energy policy--it seems likely that Democrats will come off a bit better in case of a Senate shut-down. That, and the fact that, in the same poll, 47% of Americans say the Democratic party better represents their values. Only 38% said Republicans do.

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