Repent and desist: Remember the Church Sign Generator? A retired lawyer didn't get the joke when his nephew created a sign at the free site and sent a cease-and-desist letter to the site's creator:
I am shocked. My nephew, ____ ____ of Toronto, CANADA, sent me a photo of a sign indicating that my wife,_______, and, ________ OF ____, pray at the First BAPTIST Church. NEEDLESS TO SAY, THE SIGN IS UNAUTHORIZED, AND DAMAGING TO US AND WE DEMAND THAT IT BE REMOVED FORTHWITH.

I AM A RETIRED LAWYER AND PAST President of ________ Synagogue of TORONTO. Both my wife and I are of the Jewish faith and members of several synagogues in Toronto.

We consider your publically, unauthorized, prominentally displayed sign to be extemely damaging to us and request you take immediate steps to mitigate damages and an apology be issued. I anticipate your response, at once.

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Unknown said...

There is another church sign maker HERE, but its a cartoon version.