Mark McKinnon: PR Man extraordinaire. I love it when Bush's spinmeisters remind us of additional reasons to dislike the man. In a story on why W's approval ratings dropped seven points in a single week (two possible reasons: his early silence on the school slayings in northern Minnesota and his backing away from the Schiavo case), Bush strategist Mark McKinnon says he doubts there's a connection between approval ratings and the Schiavo case, adding that slipping approval numbers were "more due to rising gas prices, rising interest rates and some recent economic uncertainty." Oh yeah. Forgot about those.

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pushn70 said...

Trying to find a news station with out having to watch the execution of a defenseless woman, I found RFD-TV.
The news was not much better. Oh the reporting was very good, it was the image of what is happing and what is about to happen to our food supply.
Our government is planning to do to our food supply what they have done the oil supply. With the cuts in the farm subsidy proposed we could expect to have more and more of our food coming from other countries.
Are we not already seeing this pattern in almost every industry? Our balance of payments do to outsourcing is at an all time high. Encouraged by this administration we have lost not only jobs to other parts of the world but our technology, and our ability to compete in the world market.
If we outsource our food supply what will stop other Nations from holding us hostage like the oil producers are now doing to our gasoline supplies today.
Small farmers are not getting a free ride and free money. They at best are having the playing field leveled a little. We must support this vital industry or we can expect to watch on TV another execution. This time it would affect all of us, not just this unfortunate defenseless women.