GOP's anti-gay agenda: According to DailyKos, the smear has begun: this animated gif appeared on the website of the conservative American Spectator yesterday (although I don't see it today). With the headline "the REAL AARP agenda," the animation shows a red X that appears over a US serviceman, then a green-is-for-go checkmark is slapped over the smooching gay men. What does the AARP have to do with gay marriage or not supporting troops? I dunno, because if you click on the ad, it takes you to the general site for the GOP-funded USA Next, mentioned in this post as the engine behind the utterly discredited Swift Boat Vets anti-Kerry campaign. A pathetic (and unsupported) ad hominem attack. Remember, this ad is part of the Republicans' plan to remove the AARP as a roadblock to the prez's Social Security privatization plan.

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