Bush Family Values: The Bush twins have picked Kid Rock to play a teen concert for Daddy's inauguration. The performer of such musical gems as "Wax That Booty" and "Pimp of the Nation" ("There's only two types of men / pimps and johns / There's one type of bitch /And that's a ho"), perhaps it's a fitting choice. After all, wasn't it a Bush--Neil, in particular--who was serviced by prostitutes while traveling in Hong Kong and Thailand (the same country his uncle is photo-opping in today)? And, well, you could say Neil's brother, George, is pimping us all right now (see post below about the cost of the WMD-free Iraq war). As Patridiot posits, shouldn't Bill O'Reilly--who proposed a boycott of Pepsi for hiring rapper Ludacris a few year back--be spearheading a boycott of the Republican inauguration?

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