Auschwitz arrogance: Europeans, and Poles in particular, weren't as insulted by Dick Cheney's glaringly inappopriate outerwear at last week's commemoration of the liberation of Auschwitz 60 years ago as they were by the fact that the US president didn't bother to show up in person. On top of that, Cheney didn't even write an original speech: sections of his address were lifted virtually unchanged from the speech Bush gave during a brief stop at the camp 18 months ago. "Cheney, like Bush before him, came to Auschwitz with one purpose in mind: to twist and exploit the atrocities of Hitlerite fascism to justify Washington’s own acts of aggression and inhumanity," WSWS writes, adding that the VP is a bad choice for representing the US: as a senator, Cheney opposed a resolution calling for an end to the quarter-century imprisonment of Nelson Mandela, he voted against a measure to make Martin Luther King's birhday an official holiday, and he was the "principal organizer of the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq." (Via Cursor.)

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