God-awful: The Republican National Committee admits that, in two states, it sent out mass mailings claiming that "liberals" want to ban the bible. An editorial on Sept. 22 in The Charleston Gazette in West Virginia asked, "Holy Moley! Who concocts this gibberish? ...Most Americans see morality more complexly. Many think a higher morality is found in Christ's command to help the needy, prevent war and pursue other humanitarian goals. Churchgoers of this sort aren't likely to believe childish allegations that Democrats want to ban the Bible."

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Carolyn said...

I don't understand why the good christian, church-going folks don't "get it" where Bush is concerned. "Everything Bush" to them is akin to God Himself. I live in WV, wrote a letter to the editor of my local paper saying just that, but it has yet to be published. Still, every day there are plenty of letters supporting Bush in an ungodly manner, so to say.