Is Hastert on crack? House Speaker Dennis Hastert makes a wild hypothesis--that Open Society Institute founder and progressive funder George Soros is a drug lord. Yow:
"You know, I don't know where George Soros gets his money. I don't know where — if it comes overseas or from drug groups or where it comes from," Hastert mused. An astonished Chris Wallace asked: "Excuse me?" The Speaker went on: "Well, that's what he's been for a number years — George Soros has been for legalizing drugs in this country. So, I mean, he's got a lot of ancillary interests out there." Wallace: "You think he may be getting money from the drug cartel?" Hastert: "I'm saying I don't know where groups - could be people who support this type of thing. I'm saying we don't know."
Or is Gingrich? It must be a calculated smear; just a day after Hastert's retarded comment, Newt Gingrich reasserted the claim, saying that Soros "wants to spend $75 million defeating [President] George W. Bush because Soros wants to legalize heroin."

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