Get out the Bush: Writing that there's an "undeniable tang in the air, that clenching of the cultural colon, that cringe in the collective soul" that "Bush is just about finished, " SFGate's Mark Morford writes:
You know it's time for a change when you hear that Kerry and Edwards both wrote their own riveting, galvanizing acceptance speeches at the Democratic National Convention, heartfelt and effective rhetoric that gives you hope not for the quality of polished oratory but for genuine, refreshing political intellect, and verbal acumen, as you offer deep thanks that at least some politicians can still speak coherently and cogently without mangling the goddamn language at every adjectival clause.
And: John Kerry’s One-Point Plan for a Better America

Plus: Molly Ivins writes that despite Canadians' flair for polite understatement, they "can think of no polite way of asking if we are such freaking idiots we haven't noticed the damage that has been done by the Bush administration to the American reputation all over the world."

(Thanks, Reggie and Kemi.)

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