I'm in on-a-deadline/carpal-tunnel zone these days, so posts will be even briefer than usual. And listy:

$18,392: Can a family of four living at the government-designated poverty level get by? Find out on the poverty tour. And: the Department of Labor his launched a website to help the homeless find shelter and jobs. (Great idea, especially if the homeless were more wired and less... homeless.)

iRaq: The creators of the iPod/iRaq culture jam, revealed. And: the Center for the Study of Political Graphics.

WTC/RNC agitprop: Russell Simmons' loft facing the Twin Towers site is a perfect place for free speech during the Republican National Convention. (Via Boingboing.)

Bill's banter: A video montage of Bill O'Reilly, who recently admitted that Fox and his No-Spin Zone "tilt right," demonstrating Fox's contested "fair and balanced" mantra by telling scores of guests to shut up.

AWOL: Bush still hasn't turned over all his National Guard service files, despite a promise that he would "absolutely" release everything related to his apparent service in absentia.

Urban playground: I love the Zen quality of this--an art installation in Toronto that's a swing hidden in a graffiti- and filth-laden alley.

A Krugman classic: The Arabian Candidate. (Thanks, Ben.)

Sweater Vests for Democracy! From NEWSgrist, a link to Knitters for Kerry.

Pizza and privacy: A new flash animation by the ACLU on government efforts to datamine your daily life. (Thanks, Leif.)

And in ice-cream news: As Krispy Kreme announces the launch of a glazed-doughnut-flavored frozen drink, Ben Cohen of Ben & Jerry's is on the road with his Pants on Fire Tour, which features a 12-foot image of a flightsuit-bedecked Bush with trousers aflame.

The September Project: What's your library doing on September 11? The international September Project is organizing discussions on democracy and citizenship (read: The Patriot Act) to be held on 9/11 in community libraries everywhere. See if your library is participating.

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