Special favors for special friends: Josh Marshall links to this curious tale:
Two days after the Sept. 11 attacks, with most of the nation's air traffic still grounded, a small jet landed at Tampa International Airport, picked up three young Saudi men and left.

The men, one of them thought to be a member of the Saudi royal family, were accompanied by a former FBI agent and a former Tampa police officer on the flight to Lexington, Ky.

The Saudis then took another flight out of the country. The two ex-officers returned to TIA a few hours later on the same plane.

For nearly three years, White House, aviation and law enforcement officials have insisted the flight never took place and have denied published reports and widespread Internet speculation about its purpose.

But now, at the request of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks, TIA officials have confirmed that the flight did take place and have supplied details.


Sj said...

I wonder how much of an impact that sort of news will have on entertainment junkies who see Michael Moore's new movie? (Assuming that story is in his movie)

Up here in Ontario, I've read a few articles in mainstream newspapers about that story some months back.

I wonder how much will ever be officially and directly commented on by any administration?

Sj said...
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Anonymous said...

How many times did they deny this flight happened (or rather THESE flights, apparently there were several)?