Rubber Republican: From the Minneapolis Star Tribune's gossip column, Item World:
When you move into the Uptown location once occupied by Condom Kingdom, I.W. figures you’re gonna get some interesting mail. But nothing prepared Domain Architecture and Design owner Lars Peterssen for the letter that arrived on his doorstep earlier this month. It was addressed to Kondom King. And it was from President George W. Bush. "Will you join Laura, me and the entire Republican Party leadership as we gather… to celebrate my first term in office?" read the letter accompanying the White House invitation. "All of us want to recognize and honor the commitment and sacrifices you’ve made for our Party and our nation." Kondom—er, Lars—was gigantically amused by the mailing. "One of my employees suggested we send in the money and go in appropriate costume," he said. And that would be? "Rubber over the head with a big point on the top."

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