Der Furor: A great dialogue between Jacob Weisberg and William Saletan on Bush's goofy campaign spot, "Kerry's Coalition of the Wide-Eyed." Weisberg's writing:
...the vileness ...must not be allowed to obscure its essential hilarity. What moron came up with this idea? What are they smoking in Karl Rove's office? C'mon, Will. This ad is the campaign equivalent of The Producers—an idea so egregiously tasteless and stupid that it might just succeed as camp.

Footage of Hitler shouting in German is juxtaposed with footage of Al Gore, Howard Dean, and Dick Gephardt getting worked up while criticizing Bush, Michael Moore getting booed for criticizing the Iraq War at the Academy Awards, and John Kerry using the phrase "kick your ass" (which is bleeped out, possibly in an effort to imply he said something worse). I know I should be disgusted by the attempted association of Democrats and Nazis, but it's too funny to get upset about. Cue the goose-stepping m├Ądchen of the Brookings Institution!

What exactly does the Bush-Cheney campaign think that these Democrats have in common with Hitler? Basically, it's that they're too darned excited about politics.

No whiffleballs for Bush: After the prez sat for an interview with Irish journalist Carole Coleman, the White House complained that she "overstepped the bounds of politeness." Her crime, according to John Nichols, was not being "as ill-informed and pliable as the stenographers who 'cover' the White House." Read the White House transcript. More at BoingBoing.

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