Presidential diapers: A businessman in China has applied to use the US president's name for a brand of diapers. "Back in my hometown in Henan Province, the pronunciation of 'Bushi' sounds exactly like 'not wet'," said the man. (Via Gothamist.)

Kudos to Mimi: A friend in Chicago has been quietly writing an online diary for several years and building a fierce cult following. One day HarperCollins UK called up to tell her they wanted to make her anonymous journal into a book, so they did: The World According to Mimi Smartypants. In a recent post, "Mimi"--who, with husband "LT," just adopted a little girl from China--writes about comments from "bus crazies" on young Nora: "A talkative old lady asked, 'Is that baby Asian?' (uh, a little bit) and then observed, 'Asians have great musculature!' 'Musculature' seems like an inappropriate word to apply to a baby, unless baby-clothing manufacturers start making breakaway onesies. Then we could teach Nora to growl and rip her shirt down the front like Hulk Hogan. That would be cool."

Tying Mimi to diapers: Mimi links to this disturbing headline, bringing the post full-circle: "Golden feces wipes smile on Japanese faces."

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