Bushville: The Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign will erect a symbolic shantytown named after the president during the Republican National Convenition August 30–September 2. Run by a formerly homeless Minneapolis mom, the group will also lead "reality bus tours" of poor areas of NYC to illustrate the effects of Bush's--and Democrats'--policies.

The origins of Nazism: The Mises Institute excerpts Ludwig von Mises' 1944 Omnipotent Government: The Rise of Total State and Total War, the "first full-scale examination of German-style National Socialism as a species of socialism in general. "

Christian Zionists on NOW: Bill Moyers offers a truly chilling report on the rise and striking influence of Christian Zionism, Christians who support Israel and the West Bank settlements only because they see the unity of Israel as a foreshadowing of the Second Coming of Christ. Click here to see where you can watch the rebroadcast of NOW.

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