Howlin' Howard: Howard Dean's infamous yearrrgh-rich concession speech in Iowa is making good fodder for cut-and-paste artists. Here's a site sampling said sound collages, plus a remix of Ozzy Osbourne's "Crazy Train" to include Dean's war-whoop.

Isn't war great? Emphasizing that he's not a war monger, US General Peter Schoomaker says that war is "useful": "There is a huge silver lining in this cloud [the attacks of September 11]. War is a tremendous focus... Now we have this focusing opportunity, and we have the fact that [terrorists] have actually attacked our homeland, which gives it some oomph."

Deserter: Michael Moore called George W. Bush a deserter for leaving his post for 12 months as a Guardsman in Texas in 1972-73. During a recent interview with Wesley Clark, Peter Jennings called such a claim "reckless" and asked Clark if he was going to distance his campaign from the filmmaker, despite the fact that no one has produced evidence to the contrary. Clark's admirable response: "Well I think Michael Moore has the right to say whatever he feels about this." Hopefully, the exchange will resurrect an issue the press hasn't mentioned since it first surfaced in the Boston Globe in 2000.

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