Bush honors MLK by appointing racist judge: Last year, George W. Bush commemorated Martin Luther King Day by filing a brief intended to end affirmative action at the University of Michigan Law School. This year, his celebration includes sidestepping Congress to appoint a former segregationist to the federal appeals court. Democrats filibustered the nomination of Judge Charles Pickering of Mississippi in October, but Bush pulled a fast one, appointing the judge when Congress isn't in session, a move that means Pickering need not be confirmed by Congress and will have a seat on the bench until at least January 2005. "The president's recess appointment of this anti-civil rights judge the day after laying a wreath on the grave of Martin Luther King is an insult to Dr. King, an insult to every African-American, and an insult to all Americans who share Dr. King's great goals," said Senator Edward M. Kennedy. "It serves only to emphasize again this administration's shameful opposition to civil rights."

Plus: Pickering's record on race, and the lies he told about his record.

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