Nature fights back. BoingBoing links to photos of trees munching on signs: an engulfed No Parking sign and a bark-bent didactic plaque.

Bloodvertising. Blood is fun, say the makers of the new video game Gladiator: Sword of Vengeance. Deemed the "bloodiest ever," the game will be promoted in the UK through advertisements that, thanks to cartridges of red dye placed behind plexiglass, will ooze for six days, dripping fake blood onto the pavement.

Rankled Reaganites want to replace FDR's image on the dime with none other than that of the 40th president's. Roosevelt, who founded the March of Dimes and himself was diagnosed with polio, is chided by Republicans for expanding government through the New Deal.

Looting the future. The Bush Administration, writes economist Paul Krugman, "governs like there's no tomorrow."

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