So much news, so little time to make sense of it:

Is the media filtering out good news in Iraq? Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR) looks into the Bush administration's complaints about war coverage.

An informant told US authorities that Ba'ath party spies had infiltrated the al-Rashid hotel in Baghdad, with some members posing as hotel employees; the military ignored this news--until Sunday's rocket attack on the hotel killed a US colonel and injured 17.

Buzzflash interviews Bill Moyers on war, politics, and the state of today's news: "Wave the flag, stroke the sentiments, stir the prejudices -- and you can keep the masses distracted from the real game happening out of sight, behind closed doors in boardrooms and oval offices."

Due to the war, Bush's job rating is, ahem, tanking.

MoveOn invites you to try your hand at a TV ad that tells the truth about the Bush administration in a new ad contest.

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