Gore-Lieberman 2004?

Fat chance. While Mario Cuomo is urging Al Gore to enter the race for the presidency, the chance of Lieberman getting to the Oval Office are--thankfully--pretty slim. In a recent Iowa Poll, he was rated the second "least liked" candidate, with only Rev. Al Sharpton faring worse. Further, the poll showed him trailing candidates whose "extremist ideologies" he sees as too liberal: former Vermont Governor Howard Dean, Massachusetts Senator John Kerry, and former House Minority Leader Richard Gephardt. While Lieberman claims to be fighting for the very soul of the Democratic Party, John Nichols writes in The Nation that "it is not Dean or Kerry or Kucinich who represent what Lieberman describes as 'the discredited example of our party at its worst.' It is Lieberman, himself."

ALSO: Bob Harris does a side-by-side comparison of Kucinich and Dean, if you're still shopping for a progressive candidate.

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