Catching up

Sorry folks, I've been swamped with other projects and unable to update Eyeteeth much. So here's a few quick links. I'll be back at it with, um, gusto soon:

Microsoft Worry: As a freelance writer e-mailing Microsoft Word files to editors hither and yon, this story was worrisome. If you send a Word file, you might also be sending personal data, information from other files open on your desktop while you're using the application, or any of the text you edited out.

Fast Food follies: Stay Free! has just digitized an old issue that features tales from fast-food's front lines, including my encounter with Burger King's acid vats. Mmmm, mmmm.

Blogger's delight: If, like me, you do lots of internet research, the New York Times' Lisa Guernsey offers research tips, special Google commands, and web resources you might not've stumbled on yourself. (I'd add to the list the blog search engines Technorati, Blogdex, and Daypop).

And don't forget the politics: The news these days is so disheartening I hesitate to dwell on it long enough to do an Eyeteeth post: estimates for costs of rebuilding infrastructure in Iraq have been steadily rising (now Bremer says it'll cost "several tens of billions of dollars" in the next year); meanwhile, Bechtel and Cheney's buds at Halliburton are getting an even sweeter deal for their work in Iraq (an additional $350 million of taxpayer cash); kids keep dying in Iraq (yet our fearless president hasn't found time--what, with his busy fundraising schedule and all--to attend a single funeral for fallen US GIs). (Check out Cursor for a daily recap of news you should know.)

Yes! Read it.

Quote du jour: "One problem I have with Arnold Schwarzenegger is that he looks like a condom stuffed with walnuts" (Molly Ivins).

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