Redefining patriotism

Carol Nauheimer knows about patriotism. Her son served as a staff sergeant for 13 years, including a tour of duty in the first Gulf War. He died, she says, because of his service to his country. That's why she'll be up early tomorrow morning, protesting in front of Alliant TechSystems in Edina, Minnesota. Alliant makes depleted-uranium ammunition and missiles currently in use in Iraq--the kind she thinks killed her son. He died of leukemia four years after his return from Kuwait, where he worked to clear the desert of this ammo made from nuclear waste. Nauheimer's protest, she says, is a way to support the troops, long after the battle's over. "I do want people to know I support our troops and I love this country. But it's not just the other side that has weapons of mass destruction. I believe we do, too. I want people to know that when these kids do come home, we must be watchful of them and take care of them."

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