Anti-spam poetry

BadAds.org reports on a novel new way to battle e-mail spam: haiku. A California company, Habeas, has trademarked a series of haiku that individuals can use for free (but companies must license for a fee). If you ask everyone on your contact list to include this personalized haiku, then set your mail filter to only accept haiku-rich e-mails, you'll be spam free. The best part: Habeas promises to sue spammers who incorporate their haikus into mass mailings for trademark infringement--for at least $1 million. A few corporations--like the mortgage refinancing service Avalend and its sister company, Intermark Media--have found out that Habeas isn't kidding. The've been named in a new trademark-infringement suit. In theory, a brilliant--and rare--use of trademark law to protect the little guy.

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