McLaren's musings

Carrie McLaren, brainchild behind Stay Free! magazine, sends a great e-mail (from which I copped the Victoria's Secret link below). Ending up with her list of favorite protest signs--including her own: "Re-elect Carter"--her update starts out here:
Man, this war stuff is so depressing. All I seem to read about in the business press is how much advertising will be lost. Many corporations plan to keep commercials off the air for the first few days of bombing... after which they will trickle back in as circumstance warrant. What I can never figure out is -- If it's tasteless to run commercials the first week of bombing why isn't it tasteless them the second or third week?

Everyone expects the networks to return to business as usual soon. No one wants to be tacky but, hey, the show must go on. So ABC will broadcast the Academy Awards as planned but the celebrities will be sure to "dress down." Even that small concession has some fans riled. An editorial on the front of Oscarwatch.com reads:

<< It is shameful to deny us (the fans) that only opportunity into the dream factory just because some celebrities feel unease about the situation in Iraq - there is always strife going on somewhere in the Globe and this one is not more important than the others. It is cowardly to deny people enjoyment of that brief moment of fantasy -- which is what the Oscars are about. >>>
God bless America, indeed.

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