The Bush-Hitler Thing: Conservatives--who would never run a populist contest like MoveOn's "Bush in 30 Seconds" and thus would never end up in the kind of hot (lukewarm?) water progressives are in--are still worked into a lather over two submitted commercials that liken Bush's tactics to those used by a young Hitler. While it's true that Bush has never orchestrated genocide, here's another take: a survivor of Hitler's Germany, who lost family members to the Nazis and endured occupation, writes in to TruthOut.org that "So far, I've seen nothing to eliminate the possibility that Bush is on the same course as Hitler."

An ominous point, but as Alexander Cockburn points out, the Hitler/Bush analogy, whether true in essence or not, distracts from real issues that should be on the table this election cycle. "The central political issue this year is the absolute corruption of the political system and of the two parties that share the spoils. Wherever one looks, at the gerrymandered districts, the balloting methods, the fund raising, corruption steams like fumes from a vast swamp. To rail about Bush as Hitler is to blur what should be the proper focus."

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